Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Work In Progress

As the title says, this is a work in progress. At the moment I'm satisfied with the layout. Maybe in the future I'll chose to change something. I see that happen all the time in blogs that I'm following. I came here in particular because AOL is closing down their journals. I'm disappointed about that but not surprised. I've had a blog with them since March of 2005. That's a long time. I have to find someway of saving it all somewhere. I have a lot of entries over there.
So has anyone seen the Cubs game today? Not good. They lost. Hopefully tomorrow they will make it up before losing the home field advantage with a move to L.A. And hopefully tomorrow the Sox with kick ass in Tampa Bay.
Speaking of the Sox, yesterday was incredible. Ken 'the Hawk' Harrelson, the Sox announcer, called for fans to black out The Cell when they played the last game against the Minnesota Twinkies. Oh, my Lord. There wasn't a white t-shirt to be seen anywhere. Or a pink one. (I hate pink. I'm more into yellow and blue.) John Danks pitched the game of his life. He had a two or three hitter, I'm not sure which. But as one of the reporters said, this man has ice water in his veins. Like he knew this was the last game of his life, or something like that, he maintained an almost flawless 8 innings. Once he stepped off the mound, he said he started shaking and couldn't stop until long after the champaign quit flowing. And I was so happy to see that the person to hit the only score of the game was none other than Peoria, IL native, Jim Thome. Two years ago I kept a Thome meter on my blog, showing how many homers he hit that year. The play of the game came from Jr., throwing the ball from the outfield to A.J. Piersinski. It was spot on. A.J. barely moved in his effort to pick it off and throw out the closest thing to a Twinkie run. Bobby Jenks closed it out with a fast 1, 2, 3 ninth. I'm only sorry I had to watch the game on TV. Although truthfully I couldn't stay in the same room with the set. It was too hard on the nerves. I kept checking with Bill, my husband, every time I passed by. "Is it over yet?" "Did anyone score yet?" "Are the Sox still in it?"
I mention the Cubs only because I'm maintaining a mixed marriage of sorts. I'm a Sox fan and Bill's a Cubs fan, actually he says a Chicago fan. There's no such thing as far as Sox fans are concerned. You're either with us or you're not. It goes further than that though. I'm have liberal leanings, and he thinks Sarah Palin is hot. What can I say? Life has to be difficult or we wouldn't be paying for Eve's bite into that damn apple.
I believe in the big bang theory. Okay, change that. I beleive it's possible. I also believe in evolution. I think if my husband was religious, we'd probably disagree on that issue, too.
So, here I am. New to Blogspot, and about to publish my first entry. Here's to a bright future!

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