Monday, October 20, 2008

Miscellaneous Ghost Stories

and As published in the Blue Island Forum, 10/31/06 edition, and in my AOL journal.

and Over the years, I’ve heard stories from a number of people. Here are a few.

and The young man pointed at the bathroom window. “Had to block that off,” he told me. “Couldn’t stand it anymore.” A piece of plywood had been cut to fit over the window.

and "What’s that?” I asked.

and “Kept hearing a baby crying. Wouldn’t stop either.”

and “You call someone? Maybe it’s sick or something.”

and “No, You don’t get it. There is no baby. Not here, and not next store. There’s an old man living there. Thought I was crazy when I asked him about it.”

and She told of how she loved the sketch, and how she thought about hanging it in the entrance hall of her home. When she did, she said she heard footsteps walking across her living room. “I heard them a lot after that,” Mrs. X explained. “Especially when I knew that no one was in that room.”

and This went on for many years, and ended only when her home burned down. The fire caused significant damage in the front hall, right in front of the where the sketch hung, and consumed the sketch itself.

and After her home was rebuilt, she came across a book about the life of Ulysses S. Grant. Inside was a copy of the sketch. It was Grant in his early years. His nickname was Captain.

and Jon drove north into Chicago. “I’ve always wanted to see the Irish Castle up close,” he said.

and He pulled into the driveway at the Unitarian Church, and up to the Castle itself. “He was looking at something,“ Becki told me later. “When I tried to look, he just tore out of there. Really fast. All freaked out and everything.”

and I asked him about it. “There was a girl there, in an old fashioned plaid dress, and I could see right through her.”

and It took a bit of research, but I found out who the girl might have been. In the early 1900’s that building served as a school for girls. A flu epidemic took a large number of lives during that time, and apparently a number of girls from that school as well.

and A reference librarian told this story. "Every so often someone would be pulled over by Memorial Park for speeding. The cop would be driving an old Indian brand motorcycle. He’d stop the car, warn the driver, and then jump on his motorcycle and take off. When the driver reported it to the police, he was told that the Police Department hasn’t owned motorcycles for many years."

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Jeannette said...

Fascinating, love them all. The first one about the crying baby. In one house I lived in I used to hear a baby crying every night when I went to bed. There were no babies anywhere in the area.

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