Thursday, October 23, 2008

Family Update

and Just a quick update. My stomach is still bothering me. It will pass again, but then again when I don't watch what I eat, I'll be suffering again. It's surprising though just what gluten is in. I usually find out the hard way.
and I've had problems all my life, but every doctor I've ever visited told me something different. It was a birth defect in my small intestines that caused me discomfort, or I had colitis, or even that I was too high strung. One doctor ask me what I thought my problem was. I repeated what the last doctor said, which was nerves. The new doctor gave me tranquilizers. I was 16 years old at the time. After taking them for two days and having slept for two days, I pitched them in the garbage.
Then about nine years ago I went on a low carb diet, where I cut out most carbs, including bread. My stomach quit bothering me. I felt so good. Or should I say I didn't feel anything. And I didn't have the um..... Never mind, it's embarrassing. My first piece of white bread after weeks of dieting sent me straight to the bathroom, and in no time at all either. Needless to say, white bread is the first thing I cut out of my diet.
and So I bought my washer. When Jon got home the next day, he and Ed took the back seat out of the van. We went to Best Buy first. To my surprise every decently priced top loader they had was gone. The mates sat next to the empty spaces where the washers should have been. The boys had plans and it was late, so we went to the next closest store, which was Menards. I was surprised. I found what I wanted at the price I wanted. I still have a mountain of clothes, although it is shrinking.
and So Becki stayed in for a couple days between work. I spoke to her after her experience with the nut job and the brick. She said she was frightened. I think she was happy to be grounded. But then she took off with Crazy Ann once I let her out. Two expeditions later, one to a coffee shop in Berwyn, and next grocery shopping in Alsip, and suddenly the two are fighting again.
and Becki is back with Jen and Superbaby. But then again, she spends as much time with them as she can anyway. Speaking of Superbaby, he's getting big. Jen and Becki went shopping for his first Halloween costume. He'll be a pumpkin. Of course. I don't know one kid who wasn't a pumpkin at least once. They plan to take him out trick or treating. Superbaby is only a few months old, so you know whose going to eat his candy.
and One reason Becki has so much time to spend with Crazy Ann is because Jen is going to school every week night. She's taking message therapy. She always wanted to be a nurse and had planned to go to nursing school before she got pregnant. Times change and situations change. I hope though, that she'll try to get back to her original plans somehow. She'd make a great nurse.
and Tomorrow is Parents/Teachers conferences. It's hard to believe the first quarter is over. Becki thinks her grades should be decent. I hope so. Ed tells me his grades are great. I know Becki won't end up on honor roll, but maybe if Ed is doing as well as he says he is, he might make the Dean's List. Then I can get one of those bumper stickers for the van. You know the one: My kid is an honor student at UCLA. (That's the University Closest to LaGrange Avenue.)


kbear's heart 2 said...

Happy to hear you all are doing well. i'm waiting for another ghost story :-), it's Halloween!~kbear

Chris said...

"It will pass again"
Sorry to hear you are under the weather, but having stomach issues myself, that was the funniest line in the post:)

natalie said...

I hope you feel better soon
Please come by, put your feet up, leave your link,

CATHY said...

Damn it took awhile to find you again! Hey, you can stop following that first test blog, here's the real deal: (same ole name lol)

Cathy said...

Yes, I'd say you're definitely a member of the infamous Area 51.