Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debate # 3

As usual, I listened intently to tonight's debate. Can I declare winner? Maybe I'd give Obama an edge. They were again fairly well matched.
Something about John McCain tonight bothered me. Media types noted that he seemed crab
by or even cantankerous. To me, he looked to be in pain. He tried to make jokes, at one time telling moderator Tom Brokaw that he wouldn't hire him as Secretary of the Treasury. His attempt came off as angry and uncomfortable. He sounded as if he had been dealing with too much of the road. It was raining in Nashville tonight, and I guarantee that if I was there my arthritis would have had me stiff and would have made it difficult to move. McCain pranced a lot while on stage, back and forth and back and forth, his gait slow and awkward. He looked as if he were afraid if he sat, he'd stiffen up. It made me wonder about his health in general. And then it occurred to me if he were elected and something happened to him, Sarah Barracuda would take his place. The very thought of that gives me the willies.
Sarah Barracuda reminds me of the girls from the movie Mean Girls. I've heard it said that she has been assigned the position of attack dog in the McCain campaign, meaning that it is her job to verbally assault Obama with whatever dirt she can dig up. She seems to be enjoying it. I also heard that John McCain wants to keep himself above this. No doubt he remembers what the Bush campaign of 2004 did to him when they purchased air time to show ads questioning his behavior while incarcerated in Hanoi.
When she takes off on Obama about his relationship with the American terrorist, Bill Ayres, she sounds like an evil gossip. I wouldn't trust her with an open secret, let alone
something that matters, like turning the economy around or managing two wars.

I don't know who Barack Obama's friends are. He may very well be close to Ayres or Tony Resco. But I offer this as something to think about. A few years back two men in our town lived in the same house, but in different apartments with different egresses and exits. One was an older man who worked everyday. In the evening he coached youth baseball and football. He was well respected and had a sterling reputation. The other man was younger and came from a prominent family. He worked as a part time cop in two communities and as security for the school district. He was charming and very well liked. He also coached baseball and football. After several years charges were filed against the second man by parents of a boy who claimed that he was molested. As I said the man was charming, so managed to talk his way out it. A few years passed before charges were again filed. Parents of the boys that were coached by the second man wanted to know why the first man didn't stop it. The man said he didn't know anything about it. The parents couldn't believe that. After all, even if the men lived in two different apartments with two different entrances, they did live in the same house. Never mind that they didn't socialize outside of work or sports, or that neither of them could see through the walls. In the end the first man's reputation was ruined while the second man went to jail.
And then I hear Sarah Palin declaring at the top of her lungs that Barack Obama must be a terrorist because somebody he served on a committee with years ago was a terrorist. When Barack was 8 Ayers blew up buildings. That makes Obama guilty by association.
It seems to me that if he is, than so are we. Just check the web for sex offenders. There are numbers of them in almost every community. Talk to your neighbors. Some of them are liars and others are thieves. By her logic we must all be liars, thieves and sex offenders.
As I said, I don't know Obama personally, and I don't know his friends. Before someone makes charges like these, I think that person should have evidence in front of them that would prove that he, Obama, lit the match that set off the bomb that was meant for the Pentagon. Without that evidence, this woman guilty of character assignation, and in my eyes, I can't see how she can honestly serve in any capacity.
I hate Swift Boat politics. Last time we listened to a campaign making false charges against his competition, we wound up with W.


Jeannette said...

Well, I cannot really comment on American politics, but I have read your post.

kbear's heart 2 said...

so i finally watched one of the debates. i didn't like the way McCain looked. he appeared really old last nite. and i don't like the possibility of him dying then Palin steppin in as President. just don't like this woman. enough of the mud slinging. stick to the issues at hand.~karen

Rose said...

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Hugs, Rose
P.S. Your new Journal looks great.

Chris said...

I just couldn't finish watching the debate. I kept turning the channel but coming back to it. IMHO, neither of them were giving straight answers and continually avoided anything substantive.