Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prayers Really Do Work!

This is an admission that I think everyone has heard recently. Finances are damned tight! I mean I began falling behind on Becki's tuition. I was getting desperate thinking about jobs and scraping my pennies together. But then everything got really tight after Christmas. I was beginning to think that the worst would happen, and I was wondering when she would have to leave school. She was beginning to worry, too. I started praying big time. Every time I though of it I said to myself, "Dear Lord, help me keep her in school."

Then yesterday afternoon she was called to the Financial Aid office. She said she was terrified. Her instructor told her at the beginning of class. She asked what the instructor thought, should she go then, or after. The instructor said after. Becki said it was the longest class she ever took. Two hours later she could barely remember anything they talked about. Then when she made it to Financial Aid, she was told to wait because her councilor stepped out for a few moments.

She called me before the session ended. "Mom, you aren't going to believe this."


"The State says they owe me money. Not only is my tuition paid, but I have $300 to put in an account towards next year."

I almost cried.

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