Friday, February 19, 2010

Again the News

So I awoke this morning to hear Tiger Woods discuss his marriage, his cheating and how the photographers followed his daughter to school. He wanted everyone's forgiveness, and he wanted to keep his family safe. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it. What happens between him and his wife, is between him and his wife. If he is cheating on her, she has decisions to make that they both have to live with. On the other hand, if some scum bag is following his children around because the scumbag wants a picture, than I think the photographer should be prosecuted as a stalker. That's insane behavior. There is no one in this world that should be forced to endure this.

Getting back to Tiger Woods. If he feels that he needs to spend more time in rehab, then do it. Get it over with. Then get back to work.

I've heard more about Joseph Stack, the man who flew his plane into the IRS building in Texas, and it just seems more and more obvious that this guy had more than an income tax problem. I made it sound like the IRS got what they sowed when I wrote about it yesterday. That wasn't my intention. No one likes the IRS. On the other hand, only a few are crazy enough to fly a plane into a building. Thank God there weren't more casualties than there were.

This reminds me in a way of the Fort Hood shooting. Nidel Malik Hasan obviously needed help, too. As did the professor who opened fire on her coworkers when she didn't make tenor the other day. I heard this morning that there was another shooting at NIU over night. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find these people and get them help before something else happens?

If I sound down in the mouth, it is because I am. My teeth are killing me tonight. Okay, so I obviously went for the pun and got it. If I could afford a dentist right now, I would jump at it; except for the fact that I couldn't afford the antibiotics needed to clear up any infection.

That leads me into something else. As of last night, twenty Senators have banned together in support of the Bennett letter, which is a letter written by Senator Bennett about forcing the public option portion of the Congressional health care reform bill through the reconciliation process. In other words, it would be a matter of passing the measure through the Senate with 51 votes rather than the 60 required to block a filibuster. Bush used this several times during his administration, and I hope the Democrats have the balls to use it as a way around the Republican gridlock caused by their just say 'no' tactics.

The Senate has passed a bill with 60 votes that does not have the public option. This is the one most people are upset about. It includes the buy out to Nebraska on Medicade. The next step in the process was to negotiate two bills, one from the House and the other from the Senate, down to one bill. This doesn't look likely simply because the bills are so different. The Senate bill relies on established insurance companies and mandatory purchase requirements while the Congressional bill calls for the public option. In polls throughout the Country, more Americans favor the public option than not, and more favor this over what the Senate passed.

I back the public option and health care reform for two reasons. Number one, I have no insurance. My mouth hurts and I want my teeth pulled so I can quit suffering. Number two, we would have much less work to do each year with our Angel group. We help a lot of people get through emergencies caused by medical emergencies. And don't be fooled either. Even with insurance, people are losing their homes, their livelihoods, and their ways of life. If we don't take care of this, it will eventually effect most Americans. It isn't a matter of socialism as much as it is survival.

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Rose said...

I agree, enough about Tiger Woods. His problems are personal and between him and his wife. The media doesn't need his apologies and neither does the bimbos he was messing around with. Oh my.

I guess they didn't have any other important news to report yesterday and this morning........only Tiger all day long...........Ugh. I personally think he is an amazing golfer. I do hope he can repair the damage to his marriage but that could be doubtful but also none of my business.