Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paranormal Cops

I'm tired of bitching about politics. Politicians needs to grow up and lead. There are too many parasites and followers in Congress and very few leaders. That's unfortunate because we certainly need someone now who can and will take the lead.

Instead I want to talk about a new show on A&E called Paranormal Cops. This is suppose to be several Chicago cops who have come across paranormal activity while on the job, and put together a group to study other paranormal activity. Let me just say that I'm enjoying this show more than several of the other shows concerning paranormal activity or ghost hunting. One of the reasons is because there is only one type of person on this earth who can possibly be a Chicago cop. I don't care how they dress, or what physical features they own, it's in their stance and in their detachment. No matter how hard suburban cops try, they just can't imitate the attitude. Don't take that wrong. I come from a long line of Chicago cops and firefighters. These people, how they talk, how they stand, their very glow, is something that only a Chicago cop can give off.

I also enjoy that they try to find a cause for a haunting rather than say, "Come and get me!" I hate Ghost Adventures from the Travel Channel. The lead in that show is an idiot and constantly challenging whatever it is to do their worst. The times I've seen the show is as many times I had hoped someone or something would.

I should point out that where I will never deny that there is a possibility that the paranormal exists, because I've seen some fairly weird things. Just because someone says something is haunted doesn't mean it is. Someone says to me 'give me money,' is the day I'm looking for an on duty cop.

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Jimmy's Journal said...

It's funny that "paranormal" is your subject today. The other day, I thought I heard something on the patio and looked outside.

I didn't see anything but I could hear what I thought was someone breathing.

I shrugged it off, but my cat, Possum S. Hemmingway arched his back and ran inside.The breathing didn't bother me too much until PSH ran inside. I followed suit!