Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I apologize one more time about my not being here. I am actively looking for more work. I write a set number of articles, although it's never enough to pay my bills. It's spending change at best. I really need to concentrate on that right now. Money is tight, although I can honestly say I have never spent one day as a married person with 3 children to feed and not be broke, or damned near. The few times we had a couple of extra bucks, it just seemed we were precariously close to losing it.
Okay, bitch session over. The fact is I am a very lucky person. Each person has something to bear. My problems have to do with money more often than anything else. My children are healthy and my husband hasn't fallen ill this summer. And even if I'm not making much money, I am doing something that I love. So far, so good.


Next thing on my list. I swear I saw the dumbest thing I ever saw today. Mikey, my big mean and stupid cat, saw two dogs coming his way. The dummy just looked at them. They wanted him so bad and he had no idea why. He just sat there watching as these two mutts went nuts. Our neighbors, the dogs owners, saw Mike sitting there and tried to encourage him to move. Nothing. The dogs kept pulling closer and Mike didn't flinch. The neighbors tried to to control their dogs as Ed ran for Mike. The rest of us stood at the window with our mouths hanging open. I could just see us losing another cat. I couldn't fact that. It was just so hard to believe he sat there doing nothing. The neighbors started laughing, and Ed started laughing, and Mike just watched. We figued no one would save Mike's furry rear end. Once the dogs realized that Mike wasn't moving, they sniffed him and walked off. We laughed. I mean how stupid can this cat be? Then it occurred to us. He doesn't know what an angry, cat hating dog is. He sleeps with this big white thing we call a dog. Before we got him, he slept with three other dogs. He hates cats. Heck, he thinks he's a dog. So why would he be afraid? Dumb dog. I mean cat.

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kbear said...

Happy Mikey is safe..good luck with finding work..