Sunday, July 26, 2009

Did ya see it? Did ya see it?
Oh, my God!
Chicago has been lit up all weekend long. That was the single most fantastic game I ever heard of. Not to mention Wise's catch was possibly the greatest catch I've ever seen!


What a game!

If you missed it, Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle threw a perfect game against someone. I can't even remember. It is the second in White Sox history, the last being in 1922, and something like the 18th in baseball history. From what I understand, Buerhle and his catcher, A. J. Pierzinski were joking about it beforehand. Pierzinski wasn't catching that day. He said somthing like, "Hey, throw a no hitter." And Buerhle said, "I already have one of those." and A.J. said, "Then throw a perfect game." So, I guess he did.

But then again, he almost didn't. Bottom of the 8th, 2 outs, and someone hit a ball almost out of the park. It should have been out. It would have been out. Except that Dewayne Wise jumped into the air like he was coming off a trampoline and robbed the batter of a homerun. Un-freakin- believeable! The most unbelieveable thing about this, Ozzie had to send someone down to the minors. He decided to send Brian Anderson because Brian had an option left and Dewayne didn't. Dewayne also has speed and a better bat. Ozzie sent him out in the 8th to replace whoever was in the outfield. Word is that's bad luck. So is talking about it. From what I understand, that's all they talked about in the dugout. Broke every rule and still pulled it off! Damn, what a game! I think I'll rent it on pay for view, considering I only saw the highlights on the evening news.

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