Thursday, July 9, 2009

Politics at its Worst

Besides playing Travian, I got involved in something else in January, and stayed with it hot and heavy through March and the early portion of April. It was time for the municipal elections. I worked my butt off. Let me just say one more time, I am not allowed by my editor to express my political intentions or feelings. And truthfully that is the only fair, logical or ethical way to report any story. It's damned hard sometimes though.
I'd say that this was the dirtiest election I've ever seen, except that I'm the daughter of a former Chicago employee who earned his job as a firefighter some 50 or so years ago because he was a loyal, hard working Democrat. After the antics of Blago, George Ryan, and many other Illinois politicians, Democrats and Republicans both, I shouldn't have to explain.
With this election, secrets came out, signs and personal property were damaged, people were threatened and lies were told. In the end nothing changed. A lot of people were hurt or disappointed and a lot retained their seats. Eight years ago the winning party said that they were privelaged to be reelected, particularly since they ran unopposed. They punished their opponants quietly, but effectively behind the scenes. The same people this year continued with recriminations, but with a little more viciousness and more in the open. It's as if they are empowered because of their win. I hate watching people get hurt.
Still, I can only report what is said, and not the intent. When I do report, I am very careful how I chose my words.
Because I can express my opinion in this media, I'd like to say something that really just rankles the hell out of me. I like listening to political opinions on TV and radio. I've listened to both the 'right' and the 'left.' What I am finding about myself is that I am more of a 'centrist' with leanings towards the right. What I hate, and what I refuse to listen to or be part of is hate mongering.
A close relation and I are going around in circles about 'Tiller the Baby Killer'. She's not sorry he's dead. He's killed over 60,000 babies. Someone should have taken him out long ago. He will rot in hell for all that he's done.
My opinion? Well, I agree that abortion is wrong. It should never be used as birth contro. It should only be available to women whose lives are in peril, or whose babys' lives are in peril, and there is no other out. My understanding that George Tiller is only one of three doctors in the U.S. that did that kind of work. I know he was prosecuted for illegally committing late term abortions, and I know he was acquitted. According to Kansas law, another doctor must agree with the diagnostician before a late term pregnancy can be terminated.
Commentors from the far right found an issue with George Tiller. They claimed he was a murderer, and demanded that something be done about him. They railed against him and railed against him, and railed against him. His office was broken into, he was protested against and his life was threatened. Someone finally took him out, not in his office, but in his church.
My anger stems from the idea that commentators from either end of the political spectrum have been caught in lies before. If the facts don't fit the scenerio, then change the facts. Why the hell should I or anyone else trust them? They say they aren't responsible for the man's death, yet they wouldn't shut up about him. No one would have known who George Tiller was if not for these people. I am angry because a man was shot down because someone said something about him. I am angry because I don't know how true it is that he unabashedly took lives. I don't know how or why he treated his patients. I was no more in the operating theater with him then his accusers were. I am angry because a vigilante used a gun where other people gathered. It was lucky someone else didn't die. I am angry because this smacks of McCarthyism. Point a finger, tell a lie and ruin a life. I just wish that the editors or producers of shows like these felt the same way my editor does.


Anonymous said...

Look up Sarah Brown:

Jude said...

I read the article about Sarah Brown and I commend the good people her adoptive parents are. It is wonderful that they do the work they do because it is much needed. I recommend that anyone else read this article.

I stand by words though.

1. Abortion is wrong, and should never be used as a form of birth control. There are other solutions. I recommend only that when a mother or child will not survive the pregnancy should an abortion be performed.

2. Vigilanteism equally offensive. George Tiller and the shooter weren't the only people in the room when he was shot.