Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Good morning all;

Can't say there's much happening in this neck of the woods. It's that time of the year where taxes and FAFSMA's have to be filed. I got both out of the way early. After having struggled to gather the information for the FAFSMA's and then having to wait for Social Security to confirm the information last year, I thought for sure that I had to do this early as it would take just as long. To my surprise, not only was it easier, but both Ed and Becki's Pell grants were confirmed almost instantly. I can only assume that the information I typed in last year carried over into this year's reports. I have no doubt I have the initials wrong. I'm just happy I got the information right. I don't know how either one of my kids would have made it to school without them.

Sheeba and I take Becki to the train every morning. Becki is usually dragging while Sheeba is clamboring to get out of the door. Damn dog actually talks to me about it. I mean it, too. She doesn't just bark. She actually moves her mouth as if she's trying to form words and tells me, 'Woo, woo, woo.' It makes my morning. Usually Becki leaves in a decent mood because of the dog. As she tries to exit the van, Sheeba moves to the front seat. Becki usually gives her a big hug and says goodbye. I kind of get a wave and a growl. That's fine. I used to look at people who smiled in the morning and demand they take that smile back. No one should be allowed to be that happy at that ungodly hour.

Anyway, we take Becki early four days a week, and then in the early afternoon on Friday. Last Friday I dropped her off and started home. When the train left the crossing, I took the tracks and rounded the corner. As I came upon the next block, I came across something furry in the middle of the street. I wondered if it were a cat or a raccoon. The coloring was a close call. Then as I watched, this thing stood up and shook itself off. It was a raccoon and it looked injured. That scared me. It was about 1:20 and school would be out soon. There has to be more little kids in that area of town than in any other. Anyway, I got home and called the cops. The dispatcher told me that they had cops all over that neighborhood looking for it. I guess I wasn't the only one concerned about the little kids.

Whether they picked it up or not, I don't know. I brought it up only because it amazes me the amount of wild life live in this area. I mean the Forest Preserves are within a couple of miles, but this is an extension of the City and unrelenting urban life. How they survive, I don't know. It is a concern, especially since wildlife does carry a number of diseases that can be passed on to pets, like rabies.

On that cheerful note, I bid you a great morning. Just don't smile in my direction.

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