Tuesday, March 9, 2010

General Complaints

Good Morning All.

It's been nasty here in Chicago. The fog settled in late the night before last and has been with us for two days. It is finally burning off. Thank God.

Life has been relatively quiet here. Scrambles is growing like a weed. She's now five months old. Becki swears she hates the kitten because she got scratched. In spite of that, she found a hot pink collar with fake diamonds. It really looks pretty against Scrambles gray and white fur. Because she got a new collar the other two each got one as well. I had to laugh the other day when I caught Mike and Scrambles play fighting in the middle of my bed. Both pushed up as tall as they were capable of, and damn it if Scrambles wasn't as big as Mike. I always said he was critter size. Give Scrambles a couple more months and I'll be able to slap a saddle on her back and ride her around the block.

The other day Mike and J.J. got in a huge fight, worse than usual. I should have expected it as it's been a while. It spilled out of the kitchen and into the hallway. Fur flew like leaves in the fall. I started screaming! Suddenly Scrambles charged out of the kitchen and into the front room, and right into the back of the sofa. She was terrified! I swore I would get down and dirty with these cats if I had to. How dare they upset my baby!. I threw Mike's a** out right away, and I tried to comfort J.J. My black cat isn't very aggressive and Mike is. Truthfully, my black cat is passive aggressive. Even if I sympathize with him, my guess is he started it. Anyway, I was concerned more about Scrambles. Every so often she peeked out of the sofa to check the hallway. It looked like Mike really frightened her. At least an hour passed and I had to finally let him. She saw him and she ran out of the sofa and jumped on his back. Looking back now, I have to think that if she was frightened of anything, it had to be my screaming.

I'm happy we got her. J.J. was beginning to act like an old man. It seemed once he lost his mom and grandmother, he aged. He is 11, but he's always been so playful. When Scrambles first came, and she wanted to play, it irritated him. Now suddenly they're chasing each other back and forth. It's like he has a renewed vigor, and for that I'm glad.

I've had a lot of feedback on my thank you from our Angel group. Most of it has been in the neighborhood of 'You forgot my name." Ah, sorry. What I don't get is why people I've known most of my adult life suddenly have to call me Judy. Not just once either. I've gotten emails with the name spread across each paragraph. Judy this and Judy that. Damn it, people, I don't answer to that. Not since childhood when I had no other choice.

I have to go to Social Security today. We filed our income taxes online. It was rejected because Bill's birthday doesn't match up with their records. I'd like to know how that happened. My God, he just renewed his driver's license. The Secretary of State's office has a direct line to Social Security. I know because they caught a discrepancy in my birthday. I had to have it changed two years ago before they would renew my license. Bill, though, got his without a problem. Not to mention he's on Medicare and collects his Social Security. We didn't have a problem then either.

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