Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010!

Whew! The year in Angel crap is over. Yeah, I know how that sounds. The truth is I can't see myself not being involved. Christmas would just never be the same. If I can point back to those things that have changed my life or me as a person, at the top of my list would be my involvement in our Angel program. I know one reason my children have turned out as well as they have is because of this program. They learned what love is, about having a purpose, and what it means to contribute positively to society. Even so, it is a lot of work. Before this month is through, I have to write a thank you, which I'll share after it's published.

That's Scrambles the Death Dealer climbing inside the Christmas tree. When Becki brought her home, I was terrified that this itty bitty kitty would provide Mikey an appetizer. He's not cat size, but critter size. He's big enough and mean enough to be a raccoon. I was concerned he would eat her up and spit out her bones, she spent the first few nights locked in our bedroom with us.

She's a maniac. She runs and plays all day long, and when she's completely tuckered out, she falls down and sleeps. In between she managed to train her new 'brothers.' She follows Mike around like she's in love with him, and she teases the heck out of J.J. Now I figured J.J. would fall in love with her just because at 11, he's still very playful. At first he found her presence insulting. He tried to punish us for by ignoring all of us. Now, he's decided that she can have her moments. When I least expect it, I'll find them taking turns chasing each other.

Ed looked it up. Scrambles is what he calls 'poly-dactyl.' In other words she has six or 7 claws on each foot. She even looks like she has a thumb. Ed said that this is a common occurrence, and that cats are being bred for this. There are even cats with opposable thumbs. One of the traits these cats share is their ability to stand or walk on two feet for an extended period of time. Scrambles is so tiny, and yet she will stand up and walk a few feet before easing back onto all four.

Scrambles has enormous back feet. I swear that they measure half the length of her body.The day Becki brought her home, Ed examined her feet. Then he cornered Mikey. "You're going get your a... kicked!" Ed sang.

Becki is back to school, thank God, and Ed still has a week before he starts. It's cold and she hates it. The photos above are of our trek to the train station on Friday. Trains are not that warm. And I don't care how beautiful one is, clothing like this hides all of it. Sorry, daughter. More than just the train ride, she has a three block walk to her school, all of it under L tracks. That's where Chicago lives up to it's name, the Windy City. The L tracks with the canyons created by skyscrapers form wind tunnels. I remember when I worked in the Loop and nearly being knocked off my feet by the wind.

Ed, on the other hand, isn't phased by the cold. He says he's bored and wants school to start now. I can understand that. He has nothing to do but play video games on the computer.

The reports are in. Becki could have done much better last semester, and will do better this semester. Or else. Eddie, though, did exactly as he had the last two semesters. He retained his B in math while pulling A's in everything else.

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