Saturday, January 23, 2010

Okay, so Scott Brown is a hunk. I'll give him that.

I won't laugh about how he embarrassed his daughters. And yes, it was an embarrassment. A lot of guys don't get it, and if that's the case, I can't make them understand why a woman or girl deserves to be treated with dignity.

My bitch today though, has little to do with either Scott Brown, how he treats his daughters or even that beefcake photo. (Ah, yeah. Nice.) I'm just tired of hearing about how this is a mandate from the American people, because so goes Massachusetts, so goes America. The party of 'No' doesn't get it and neither does the party of 'Oh, my God, health care is dead!' I don't know what Mr. Brown will do with the next 6 years. I guarantee though that if he goes along with the obstructionist and partisan practices of the Republican party, he won't be elected a second time. The same would have been true if Martha Cokely would have been elected.

Yes, I am a Democrat and I want to see health care passed. Mostly because I don't have any. I am 54 and not in the best of health.

The thing is nothing has gotten done in Congress this past year outside of the Stimulus, which wasn't big enough. Too many things have been negotiated away before anyone realized that the Republicans weren't planning to agree to anything anyway. The Democrats wasted a 60 vote majority because they still don't have enough backbone to rule this country. On the other hand the Republicans still think that cutting market regulations and giving tax breaks to the rich will stimulate the economy. Ah, guys, those measures stimulated the economy into the worst recession this country has seen since the Great Depression.

And for those of you into revisionist history, those were the same policies that Herbert Hoover espoused when the stock market crashed under his watch on October 29, 1929. Roosevelt became President three years later. You don't believe me, look it up.

My point is, we 'Main Street' Americans (I hate tags) want a government that works. Especially one that works for us. My friends and I spent most of this Christmas helping people who have been stricken by this economy. There are still people losing their homes and losing their jobs. Yet, no one is working to help the unfortunately homeowners. Credit card companies and banks are either creating new fees or raising old fees. Congress has stopped the big banks from imploding while the rest of us are wondering just how much longer we can hang on.

We want change. We want solvency. We want a political system that will take care of these problems, and not two political parties that have lost sight of the American people. Scott Brown's election was a mandate on real change.


Rose said...

I was disappointed that Brown got elected. I'm also a Democrat and hoped Ted Kennedy's seat would be replaced by a Democrat.

Beef cake photos of Brown turned me off...his comment about his daughters was disgusting to say on national TV.

Already, I don't like this guy one bit. Jerk

Anonymous said...
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Jimmy's Journal said...

I despise all politicians. They are of mediocre integrity and ability which explains their chosen field.

If we had people who voted their conscience and what is right for America, terms like democrat or republican would not exist.

After all, we are one....


Anonymous said...
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