Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Six - Episode 245
Saturday Six — Patrick @ 12:15 am

1. On an average year, how many days before Christmas do you generally finish your Christmas shopping?

Ten days. I usually only shop one day a year.

2. Is the economy making you spend any less on gifts this year, or are you spending about the same?


3. What part of the Christmas scene do you find the most chaotic? What part do you generally worry most about?

Preparing for Christmas in my house is chaotic more because we are part of a charity. We work very hard at that.

4. Take the quiz: What Movie is Your Christmas Most Like?

What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?--> Your Christmas is Most Like: Miracle on 34th Street
Sweet and caring, Christmas is about helping for you.While Santa may not exist, you try to share his spirit.

5. What Christmas movie is your favorite? White Christmas

Which one is your least favorite? Miracle on 34th Street

6. What Christmas tradition from years past do you miss the most now?

I prefer the Christmas I created for my own family rather than the Christmases we had as children. Although there is one holiday celebration I miss. Usually after visiting with the inlaws on Christmas Eve, we'd go to my Mom's house and exchange presents with my family. I miss being with my Mom.

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Chris said...

#6 - The one where Jude passes out $100 bills to her blog readers, remember those days? ;)