Saturday, June 19, 2010

Been a While

So, it's been a while again, since I posted anything. I started a new blog, called Politics - My Way. With all that is going on in the Gulf, I really need an outlet. It just pisses me off big time, to think of all the damage caused and the total lack of remorse.

So, we are kind of keeping busy. Ed is planning to make a film about local musicians. It seems that there are quite a few successful musicians in our town. Everyone he's talked to is excited about it. So am I. Festival in the Park starts next week, and Ed's best friend from grammar school is scheduled to appear with his band. Ed is going to film their performance. I should point out that Jon was nice enough to find a camera online and purchase it so Ed could do this. If necessary, Becki can run it for him. He'll have his friends involved, but it also seems to be becoming a family thing as well.

Becki is trying to sell jewelry. It is all very pretty, and fairly expensive. Last Sunday she and I rented a table at a yard/craft sale at the park. It cost us $15 for the table. We sold 5 pieces for about $120. It took us all of 6 hours. Even so, it was worth it. The way I figure, we can participate in regular craft shows and hopefully do better. She has three home shows coming up soon, and a brochure party. It isn't as much as she had hoped, but she is working and she is selling.

Last night I had to go to a meeting for work. A federal agency came to town to discuss their services. It was an extremely enlightening evening. I'll leave it there because I don't want to discuss it further. Instead, let me just say that I ordered a pair of hoop earrings from Becki, which I wore last night. I got more compliments on them.

So it's been stormy here, as it seems everywhere else. Today we lost power for a short while because a huge windstorm blew in. Scrambles panicked. She stood by the door and cried like a baby. The others didn't pay any attention. J.J. sat by my side throughout it all, while Mike and Sheeba slept. When it all passed, Scrambles had worked herself up so hard, she threw herself on the floor and slept for an hour. She's getting so big.

Speaking of animals, did I mention Becki brought a turtle home? Leave it to her. She finally got it through her head that we will welcome no more mammals in this house. Now we have to make her understand that reptiles aren't welcome either. Too much is too much. Oh, the turtle's name is Zanzibar.

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