Thursday, October 1, 2009

Father Came to Lunch Yesterday

I am very happy to report that Father Paul blessed my yard, my garage, and my sun porch yesterday. He sprinkled holy water and prayed, and then told the entity or whatever, to leave. Then I made lunch. We had a wonderful conversation. We told ghost stories, yes, that sounds silly considering the situation, but Father is as bad on the subject as I am. We even talked cemeteries.
To my surprise, Bill and Father had never met before. Bill is not Catholic. As I've said a zillion times here, we have a mixed marriage. (He's a Cubs fan and a Republican, too.) Although when it comes to religion, we don't disagree. He was never raised in a church, so when the subject of raising our kids Catholic arose, he was all for it. I think that even if he doesn't practise any religion, he misses it.
Anyway, Becki says the thing is not gone. Sheeba is returning to her old self though. She spent most of the day playing in the yard. In the last few months, she just refused to go anywhere near it. If I let her out of the van and I had parked on the street, she insisted on exiting on the driver's side, and then crossing over to Lawrence's side to wait until I got the door open. If I backed into the driveway, she insisted that I open the passenger side door for her so she didn't exit next to the yard. If I took her for a walk, I'd have to pull her down the sidewalk to get to the alley just because she had to pass the yard. She'd pull in the other direction. Now suddenly she is running down the sideyard looking for someplace to pee, and she is staying on this side of the street even if she had to walk by the yard. Becki had her in the yard this evening, but still insists that nothing has changed even if the dog is behaving.
Heard a good story the other day. My great nephew, Jay, had a conversation with my SIL, D, who is his grandmother and his Dad. Now Jay is 4, and too smart for his own good. Jay said,"Tim is a warewolf, Grandma. He got bit by a wolf and has to be tied up at night before the moon comes out. Cuz otherwise he turns into a warewolf and goes wandering around. He told me this. He says it's true. I have to stay away from him at night because he'll try to bite me when he's a warewolf, and I'll turn into a warewolf."
Jay's Dad, Rich, asked him. "Jay are you making this up?"
"No," Jay said. "If I was making this up, I would have started this with 'Once upon a time.'"


Jon said...

I certainly hope that the priest's visit has helped. I've had a few of my own experiences with this sort of thing in the past, and I'm definitely a believer.....

Jimmy's Journal said...

Jay's story was really cute. The "Once upon a time" line is priceless.